Mix-media layout

Mix-media layout is here to share it with you!

There are many things I am very thankful about, one is my family, of course,  and second is all the people I have got to meet since I started doing scrapbooking and mix-media layout.

When I first started with this artistic craft, I found there were so many people involved, big communities with different styles. And I found my style and my community ;D

Mix-media was one the big steps in my scrapbooking ladder.  It was not an easy task to get the self-esteem and confidence to create layouts, let me say, but slowly I was able to do to so.

In all this time,  in all the places I have been teaching at, I have met many women, mostly. I am very thankful to all of them. Each of them has taught me so much, has made me become who I am now for all the experiences I have shared with them. And this is confidence that I was talking about, that I have gained during the years, has come into my life because of all those times.

Now I am able to make pretty decent mix-media layouts and that was the reason I created this one. To thank all those women who have gone through my classes and in my scrapbooking life for some time now. Thank you

So, hope you like it ;D

Oh! there is also a video you can watch to see how I made it.




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